Samsung galaxy J8 2018 with Android 8.0 Oreo version Available

Generally the J series of Samsung is considered as the cheaper series among the two series A series and the J series. A series is made by keeping a thought of the higher or the persons having a good source of income, whereas the J series is made by keeping the thought in mind of the lower section of society or the persons having comparatively lower source of income. However, it seems that company ids about to add a new and a marvelous feature that its galaxy A8 and A8+ phones don’t possess, and that is the introduction of latest android version Oreo in the phones of Galaxy J series.

Basically, new smartphone of J series is available in the market.  Samsung Galaxy J7 model does not have Android 8.0 Oreo whereas Samsung Galaxy J8 (2018) will be available with a new  and updated version Android Oreo  with 4 GB RAM, the smartphone will be equipped with a 16 GHz octa-core EXYNOS 7885 processor and  will have an expandable memory of 32 GB.
Samsung Galaxy J8 is coming feature that it has12 mega pixel rear camera, while it should have an 8 mega pixel front camera for the purpose of taking selfies. Besides this it has a 5.5 inches screen which has an HD display of resolution of 720 pixels which is not in connection with rest of the features of the phone. It would be right to say that a screen resolution of 1080 pixels will be a good combination for the phone with respect to the other features of the phone.

It could not be deciphered about the launching date of the Galaxy J series of the but as far as the features of the phone are considered, it can be considered very much similar to its Galaxy A8 (2018) the price of this smart phone of J series could be quiet high as far as a middle-class phone’s cost is considered.

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