Apple’s Investor want the company limit amount of time kids spend on iPhone

Certain large funds and retirement plans have attain good outcome by taking apple shares. In spite of relying on Apple to continue selling large Amount of Apple units to keep the stock acquire, some of these funds are asking Apple to come up with some software that device. Two Such pool of fund, Jana partner, and the California state Teachers’ Retirement System, made their suggestion known in a letter with self-handed written and mailed off to Apple this last Saturday.

Both  funds together own approx. $2 billion of Apple stock, according to the Wall street journal. This letter published on In this letter, Showed with quoted that with a link usage of heavy smartphone to kids at certain age and suicide. it is also describe sleep deprivation as a risk of teen ages using more than 5 hours daily . kids who spend more time social media like cartoons, game, etc.

“More than 10 years after the iPhone’s release, it is a cliche to point out the ubiquity of Apple’s devices among children and teenagers, as well as the attendant growth in social media use by this group. What is less well known is that there is a growing body of evidence that, for at least some of the most frequent young users, this may be having unintentional negative consequences.”-Jana Partners & California State Teachers’ Retirement System

In this letter, the two money write that if Apple start giving special focus to future generation, Not only it would be good business, but also it would be the right thing to do. The funds want Apple to try to determine what would be considered optimal usage of the iPhone, and come up with an easy way for parents to set usage limits for their kids iPhone handsets.

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