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Newest style of Motorola shell Moto Mods feature Gorilla Glass 5 with attractive designs


Motorola Newest style shell Moto Mods

First times Motorola started selling brand style shell series for newest Moto mods mobile. If you do not know the Style Shell Moto Mods, then we would like to tell you that they are the new type of back cover of Moto that can be interchanged and can change the looks of latest Moto Z smartphones, which add little more thickness to the phone’s thickness.

The new Style Shell model are the first Moto Mods that are made up of polycarbonate and Corning Gorilla glass 5, and they are supposed to be able to survive drops from heights of up to 5.2 feet (1.6 meter).company has launched five and different interesting designs that are available in the market. They are: Colored leaves, Retro stripe, Graphic flowers, Expressive curves, and Overlapping triangles. New style shells are available in dimensions of 154*74*2mn and its weight is much less which is between the range of 25g to 53g. company had kept the price of new models same of $29.99 in this way, new models had imposed an extra cost of $10 compared to the previously released Moto Style Shells (Silver Oak Wood, Herringbone Nylon, and Crimson Ballistic Nylon).New model’s price is $ 29.99 and it is costing an extra charge of just $10 when compared to older version of Moto style shell (Silver Oak Wood, Herringbone Nylon, and Crimson Ballistic Nylon).

In spite of design and models, all Moto Style Shell Mods are ready to be used with any of the current Moto Z phone, and we can assume that they will also work with the near to be launched Moto Z3 series mobiles too.

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