The Google Pixel 2 XL has good softwares, but there are issues in its design

The new version of Google android phone Google pixel 2 XL because of some of its flaws had not reached the milestone of being the best android phone. The main reason for it giving it the fame of great android mobile is its software’s. It had many remarkable features like stellar camera. It has a unique feature that if one points at a particular picture or thing or poster or movie, it will tell the user about the information related to that picture, poster, movie or anything it points at.
Firstly, it has a clean version of android which runs smoothly. This is a great advantage which evens the premium mobile like Samsung Galaxy S8 doesn’t possess.
Secondly, it gets all the software updates. Google promises that it will update its software for up to three years. Besides getting the updates on the very first day of the launch of the updates, it will also get the special care and attention of Google to get its critical bugs fixed at the earliest.
Thirdly it has the best camera which is best suited for taking pics in both day and night and for the making the videos.
Apart from it, it has a very good battery life of 3520 mAh.
It has the following disadvantages:
Firstly, it is a bulky, cumbersome and a heavy mobile. It is difficult to operate it single-handed.
Secondly, it is considered to be a bezel-less mobile, which is not exactly true. It has bigger side bezel than other mobiles of the near past mobiles. Besides it still has top and bottom bezel.
It has coarse back that gives a final unfinished touch.

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