Google Assistant is just coming to Android Auto in this week in U.S

In the 2018 just start it is very surprise for automobiles lover that all smart home speaker is now coming android with google assistant.The big announcement companies such as LG, Lenovo,JBL and Sony, Samsung with other will start producing Google Assistant-powered smart  speaker with touch-screens, Google also reveal that  its Al assistant  will finally be making its way to android auto, starting  week in the U.S.

We know that voice command already installed in android with Google. so what is different now .now comes voice command with Google assistant about all the usual stuff – directions ,playing music, and  the like  – but  you can also use its full functionality to control any connected  smart home appliance while driving home, as well as pretty much anything else that Assistant already do on your phone or Google Home.

Android Auto available on more than 400 models from 40 brands including Ford, Nissan, Volkswagen And Volvo, but even if you don’t own And

roid Auto-enabled car, the full functionality of Google Assistant will also be available through though the Android Auto app.

Other most interesting announcement is that Google is try to working to assist voice command with kia and Fiat Chrysler which cause easily check fuels, auto locks, music to voice commanding . We know that some car models like Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Hyundai, already enable these feature .Google expanding towards expanding the reach of Assistant to other manufactures as well.

Source: Google via phonearena



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